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Family Trust

About the Trust.

    History of the Trust.

The Berlin-Kahn-MacKay Family Trust, founded in 1963 has been focused on investments and acquisitions, and on managing its holdings in the telecommunications, broadcast communication, cable and satellite infrastructure and television industries. With strong ties to the TelePrompTer Corporation, named after the breakthrough display device which scrolls text to on-camera talent instead of cue cards or scripts, and that together with its affiliate firms went on to become the largest cable and satellite television broadcast services provider of its day, the family trust has an even deeper rooted history of successes in telecommunications, news information and cable services. The TelePrompTer Corporations and its affiliates holdings, currently make up a large portion of some of the largest companies in cable television including Comcast and Time Warner Cable corporations holdings.

The trust is related to, based on the work of and is following in the footsteps of John William Mackay, the forefather of the founders of the fund and one of the four Bonanza Kings, the owner of some of the largest silver / gold mines, and the founder of the Bank of Nevada, the Commercial Cable Company, the Postal Telegraph Company, the Commercial Pacific Cable Company, and the person who broke the transatlantic telegraphy monopoly and brought down the prices to make transatlantic communications more affordable by challenging the Western Union Telegraph Company to a rate war, and made submarine cable communication traffic more affordable, by laying two transatlantic cables and the first cable across the Pacific Ocean. The Berlin-Kahn-MacKay Family Trust continues the Mackay tradition of fair dealings with its employees, and by giving generously to charity, especially to orphanages. A large portion of the Mackay cable and communication holdings were acquired by ITT, today considered by Forbes to be the number one best managed American conglomerate.  





The History of the Mackay Clan

With relations to the Morgan family and descending from the Scottish Royal House of Moray which was originally known as the Clan Morgan, The Mackays are especially remembered for the famous "Mackay Regiment" raised for the service of the Dutch and Swedish crowns during the 17th century. As a result of this, many clansmen settled in Holland and Sweden and gave rise to a number of noble families there as well and in 1628, Sir Donald Mackay was raised to the peerage of Lord Reay by Charles I. His grandson, Colonel Aenean Mackay of the Scotch-Dutch Brigade, married the heiress of the Baron van Haefton. 


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